Zoo Day!

 Last Sunday we took advantage of the fanTAStic weather (90 degrees that day) and visited ZooBoise for the first time this year. As predicted, Liam loved it - Lina just... rolled with it. We decided to forgo cameras in favor of phones only. I'd say it turned out pretty well, but it's annoying me that I can't edit them (my computer won't let me save any changes - I need a Mac). 
So here are some pics from the day!
(Here's to catching up!)

He weighs as much as a condor (or 37 lbs. if you want to be specific).

Checking out the turtle. 

Lots of pictures of the back of his hand...and lots of pointing.   
Sweet baby, just happy to be. 

This is what the parents do while the kids are looking at animals.

Then we did lunch out and a little shopping in BoDo before heading home to start thinking about another week. It was a nice little escape.
(P.S. - this new Blog posting format is blech!)
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