Carolina's Dedication

We finally got around to scheduling Carolina's dedication - we kind of forgot about it to be honest, then she was in a phase of crying at every slightly unrecognizable person, so we waited a little longer. Funnily though, we ended up doing it on April 15th - same day as Carolina's fourth (??) cousins were being dedicated in Tennessee - kinda sweet.
Here is Carolina in the same christening gown that both Jen and I wore - our names are stitched into the back... Carolina's will be soon!
She looks like a baby from "Little House on the Prairie."With her tongue out, as usual...

Pastor said it looked like a family reunion...
So happy to be dedicating our daughter to God - after all, He gave her to us in the first place.
We were pretty nervous for Pastor to hold her, since she had already cried at person who said "hi" to her on the way in - but she did great! She was super calm and just looked around in the audience and thought about grabbing the mic.
Liam meanwhile, when asked how old he was, responded, "I have to go potty." Pastor guessed he was 3.

We did get a family picture in front of the waterfall!
Happy girl at a celebratory lunch afterwards.
So I'm about a week behind on blogging, but I also have a lot of older random pictures from my phone and other tidbits to share - so I'm making it my weekly goal to catch up!

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