Spring Break Busyness

Busyness - is that a word? It seems like it is, but it looks wrong. At any rate, busy is what we are and blogging is getting harder and harder to squeeze in :(
Here's a quick look at what we've been up to...
Thursday -(which felt like spring break because it was almost Friday) the weather was gorgeous - we spent some time soaking up sun that evening and even had an impromptu picnic at a park with some Sonic.

Friday - hmm, Friday is lost to me. I'm sure we did something, but I don't know it was. I was probably exhausted.
Saturday - Todd and I had a double date with Coe & Stephanie to dinner and to see The Hunger Games - while the grandparents watched the kiddos. Sunday - was nice weather again for the first half of the day then it started to cloud up. We had dinner with the grandparents, did some crafts, and Carolina lived it up in a highchair. Later on we grilled for the first time this year, in defiance of the clouds. Monday - my main goal was to read "Catching Fire" (the second book in the Hunger Games series) - so that's what I did. OH and I finally got it a workout!
Tuesday - was supposed to be the nicest day this week, which was good since it was the only day Todd could take off, so once the morning clouds wore off we headed to Boise and did some exploring in BoDo. Lunch at Protos, dessert at Aspen Leaf, walking around, and some shopping. The kids were great in the double stroller, although Liam walked quite a bit, and we totally enjoyed ourselves... and wore ourselves out. :) Plus, workout day 2.

Wednesday - Mom and Dad came over pretty much all day and helped me paint my room - no small project. It's "cemetery gray", by Benjamin Moore - which sounds depressing, but it actually makes the room feel lighter, more cheerful even, and fresh. I figured that much painting counted as workout 3.
Today - Jen and I had lunch and discussed weddingy things, etc. I blog ;-) And workout 4 will have to be to a video since it's super rainy and chilly today.

Tomorrow - My goals are numerous, as they have been all week, and yet somehow it seems my list gets longer even as I work to check things off - that's what I don't like about spring break. It seems like I'll get so much done, and then it's over and I feel as though I've done nothing. But there are way more things TO like about spring break - so that's the only complaint you'll hear out of me!

Hopefully I can blog more before the next week gets here, I have more to share, but I'd like to enjoy just a little of both-kids-napping-time on the couch with my book and some chocolate!

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