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No pictures this time - I haven't taken a picture in, what 3 weeks? Yikes. I've gotta work on that, but weekends have been so busy busy busy. At least I'm on the spring break countdown: 14 days people.
Here's an update on what we've been doing:
As a family - Last weekend we spent a lot of time with the Hellenga side of the family, when Todd's aunt and cousin came down from Alaska to visit - prompted by Steve's heart attack. Thankfully Steve is doing SO much better, although the healing on his knee was slowed down by the heart stuff. Anyways, we had a great time together - Liam loved having another cousin to pay attention to him, and they got to meet Carolina too. To top it off, the weather was GORgeous - mid-sixties and sunny. A rare treat for March. Although, yesterday and today are supposed to be the same; maybe we'll be spoiled this spring! I wouldn't mind that at all. This week we've hung out with the Knight side and had lots of wedding-talk.
Todd - work
Jess - workworkwork, bleh work
Liam - This boy is 100% diaper free. He's mostly got the art of not-peeing-at-night down, so we're taking the risk every night on keeping him in undies. He's doing pretty well! I must say it is nice to have one child be leaving diapers while we're starting another one in them. And in other very-exciting news, Liam has been eating new foods! We finally decided we were done feeding him the same 4 things for lunch/dinner and went cold turkey on him. Eat it or go hungry was the new plan. It went as expected the first night; there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and he went hungry. But since that he's actually been trying new things with much of a fight. He's tried, meatballs, spaghetti with sauce, steak, mashed potatoes - of those he really liked the meatballs and requested them the next night. This makes me so happy, and a bit relieved - it's nice not to have to pack him food wherever we go. Also, he's been saying the funniest things, like "I was just horsing around." "Goodness gracious!" "I'm SO good at this!" Half the funny is the expression and inflection he puts into it. This morning it was, "I'm pretty sure... I wanna go to Disneywand... to get a wightsaber... to fight Ripwey... yeh, that would be aMAZing." His new favorite thing is my iPhone - I've put some fun educational games on it for him so I don't feel too guilty about letting him play with it.
Carolina - This girl is getting too big. Her rolling is so fluid and quick now. I'm sure I'll look up one day and she'll be nowhere in sight, having rolled right out of the room. Last night she started fussing and I went in to check on her. Usually it's that she's spun herself around and got her head jammed up against ht eside of the crib, but last night she had rolled herself over. It wouldn't be a problem, she naps on her stomach at my parents house all the time (after they've rocked her to sleep), but I always swaddle her before bed so I can lay her down awake and she'll go to sleep on her own. Swaddled and on your stomach is not a great place for babies. Even though I righted her, she was back on her stomach this morning - not sure what to do about that. BUT the great news is that she slept from 8 to 8 without waking up to eat last night! What a good girl. Oh, and her antibiotics are done for the bronchitis - but she's still extremely snotty and drooly - we're wondering if this is teething related (or maybe allergies, since it's so springy out). Like most babies, she grabs everything she can reach and she does it with a "death grip" as my parents call it - you have to pry her hands open to get her to let go, and it's not easy. But what's funny is that apparently she's grabbed her own hair and pulled, and made herself cry! She doesn't know her own strength.
That's it for now - planning to post pictures later this weekend!
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