5 Months Old

I hate that 5 months is almost 6 months, which halfway to one year!

This is the kind of post that's mostly for my own posterity: At 5 months our little Lina-Lu-Lu is currently sick with "bronchitis" and taking amoxicillan, her little voice is so hoarse and sad sounding. She can sleep (still in a swaddle) from 8 to 6 before she needs to eat - although she still wakes up as early as 3:30 at times, then she'll go back to sleep till 7:30-9:30. She eats 4 times in the day - when she wakes up, about 12:30, about 4, about 7:30 (with an extra 2 oz. of formula, if she'll have them). It's nice to have a regular schedule. She's quite good at grabbing and picking things up and of course popping them right in her mouth. She makes the funniest sounds - lately she's started growling. Her rolling over is getting more fluid. Her favorite places are her ocean play mat and the bathtub, and she looooves to be naked. Carolina is SO ticklish - she laughs when you tickle her back, tummy, armpits, feet, neck - pretty much everywhere - even if you're just changing her clothes. Her favorite person is still Liam; she laughs (a happy laugh) for him all the time, especially when he throws things up in the air and lets them fall. She thinks it's hysterical. By this time with Liam, we were feeding him rice cereal, bananas, and biter biscuits - but I'm still not ready for that for Lina yet. Maybe next month. Also, I haven't measured her, but she is growing - moving on to 9 month jammies. And she was weighed at the doc this week and she's 14+lbs, whereas Liam was 16. He seemed more advanced at 5 months than she is. I slept a full 11 hours and was nearing sitting up. For more comparisons, click here.

*After I posted this, and looked at the pictures, I trimmed her hair - it's so long in some spots and, you know, bald is other spots - I'm not sure how to let it grow out!

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