Sweet as peach pie...

This is my sweet sugar baby - what a happy little girl she is.
She's coming up on 5 months old next week, and it's just going wayyyyy too fast. She finally rolled over this week - she's been trying hard for a long time and she finally accomplished it, twice, and we missed it both times! she's also getting so much more verbal - lots of "bababa, mamama, wawawa - pppbbbttt (raspberry noise)". She'll be eating and then stop and look at me and say "bawawa, ma" and go back to eating - she knows exactly what she's telling me, that's for sure. But she's so easy, so happy, I'm so spoiled.
This weekend we've been busy at the hospital mostly, with Papa Steve, dealing with/recovering from his heart attack - thanks to everybody who was praying for him! He finally came home today and seemed to be doing well, he was up and moving a lot today. Liam is certainly anxious for Papa to get well - his prayers usually go something like this, "And thank you for Papa Steve get better so he can take me in the garden."
*Sigh* this blog is great because not only do you guys (the Great-Grands-Aunts-Uncles) get to see us, but also because it forces me to take pictures regularly. The problem is that, although I enjoy it, it's become a chore that I have to do just like the laundry. I'm finding that I just don't have as much time between full-time-work and then... more full-time-work. :( So I just wanted to explain the lag between posts and warn you that they may get longer, at least until summer :)

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