First Valentine's Day!

Could Cupid have brought me a sweeter little love? I think not.
It was Carolina's first Valentine's Day, although she was technically around last V-day. In fact, a year ago today was when we had our first ultrasound and learned that she was a healthy little baby indeed, and shared the news with our parents and sibs!
*Another fun Valentine's fact is that Todd and I became a couple 10 years ago, yesterday!*
Today Liam ate way too much sugar and got spoiled with way too many presents - he loved it. Tonight we went to visit Papa Steve in the hospital, who is recovering from his knee replacement, so yesterday was our Valentine's dinner/dessert celebration at home with Jeran's homemade pasta sauce that I adore, and some Oreo truffle pops. Todd and I celebrated in a more romantic fashion over the weekend at Bonefish Grill and then saw The Descendants - both were excellent! I love stretching out a holiday!
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