4 Months Young...

I remember thinking, when Liam was 4 months old, that he was so big, he was wearing shoes, sitting in his high chair, and eating rice cereal... but with her, she's still seems so little, I can't even begin to think about giving her solid food yet. Maybe it's because I didn't have a bigger kid around to compare Liam to, or maybe it's because I knew he wasn't my last baby, that I felt like he was big and it was OK to treat him that way. But I just want to freeze time with Carolina and keep her my little baby forever.
Of course, there are certain things about babyhood that I would have her grow out of - like the crazy crying/screaming for unknown reasons, that she did on several occasions this week. It could've been the yucky cold that she (we all) have, or that she was just overtired from refusing to take naps - another thing I'd have her grow out of.
Look at that face - I don't want it to change. So sweet. (Except for the gnarly scrape she gave herself, ouchie.) Although her eyes haven't changed much yet, I'm certain they won't be the same chocolate brown as Liam's. I'm thinking hazel.
Liam's first week as a 3 year old was so-so. He felt pretty crappy from his cold, plus going cold-turkey-no-paci was kind of rough... 99% increase in stalling and fighting bedtime - and he went on a pee-in-the-potty strike and wet his pants about 5 times, I don't know what that was about, but I was not pleased. Thankfully all the iffy-ness of the past week disappeared today and we were a happy bunch!
Although I don't want her to grow up, she is. She likes to grab her feet, stuff her fist in her mouth, watch TV, watch her brother, and stand or sit up. She hates to take a nap - unless it's in the car, but goes to sleep so easily at night and gives me 8-9 hours of uninterrupted rest. At 5 months, Liam was 16 lbs. and 26 in. Lina's stats at 4 months are: 13.8 lbs (50%ile weight-for-age: perfect) and 26.25 in. (1%ile length-for-age) - and because she's so long her weight-for-length is still in the 1%ile. Still super long and skinny - but thankfully her weight is average and her gain is enough for her to be healthy.

Healthy & happy.


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