One boy, three years, four birthdays...

It's funny how we say it's his "third birthday" when really it's his fourth. Here's his first birthday:
And turning 3 years old, on his fourth:My how Liam has grown up. Between this birthday and the last, he really went from looking like a baby to a little boy. It was an eventful year for him - he went on lots of trips, moved into a new room with a big bed, had a baby sister, stopped using diapers, and really just turned into his own funny, smart little person.
We had a great party, and I shouldn't be as exhausted as I am since it certainly wasn't that hard with all the help I had. But, I am :)
Here are some photos from the Three-Rex Birthday -

Dino decor by Meri Meri
Someone's ready for present - otherwise why would he smiling so nicely for the camera ;)
Love this pic of Heidi
P.S. that's Grant's arm sticking out of thin air
You must lick the frosting off the candles

Happy Birthday to our big 3-year old! We sure do love him!

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