3 Months!

Carolina Coline turns 3 months old today! And I am SO in love with her. I was pretty resolved that we were stopping at 2 kids after a rough pregnancy and birth, but she's such a good, sweet baby that I'm not sure anymore... Good news - no more weight checks for her! She apparently was gaining sufficiently each week, although I don' t think her %iles are much different. Her tummy troubles have greatly settled down (after a really horrible day of screaming a couple of weeks ago - Dr. called it colic, hmm), so she is mostly just a really happy, content baby - as long as she's not hungry, sleepy, or poopy :) . Her schedule was kind of up in the air for a while, she wasn't eating or pooping well - but that's settled down; and her sleep schedule was good, but then changed for some reason. She was sleeping until I would wake her up at 6 sometimes, but now she wakes up as early as 2, no later than 4:30... and then again at 7-something. It's not ideal, I'm pretty tired all the time - that's only going to get worse though and still one more month before I am "allowed" to cut off her nighttime feedings. But we're back to work tomorrow, so this all might change once again. I am really going to miss her, she has more smiles and more chit chat for me than anyone else - and she's very talkative.
We had these photographs taken about a month and a half ago... the photoshoot was an overall fail, except for these two pics...

Which I turned into these birth announcements...

Now I wish I'd waited to send them out, these are too cute! What a precious baby girl!

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