Two Months Old!

I'm so serious when I say that 2 months have never gone by so fast, like lightspeed, really. But I mean quite literally that I love this tiny girl more every day, really really. She is so full of smiles, babbling, and the beginnings of laughter - Nana caught it on tape the other day, but Blogger won't upload it :( so I tried to get it on my phone, but whenever I put the phone near her she clams right up. Like Liam was, she's a little chameleon - sometimes she looks like him (but him when he was a few months older), sometimes I think she looks like a baby Jen - in her profile, sometimes she looks super chubby with those cheeks and chins, but sometimes she doesn't. As you can see she still has all that hair - I thinned a little on the top, so I was worried it was all going to go - but nope, I don't think it will. The back of her head has little dreadlocks, from her rubbing that long hair on her crib - but she's about to rub it all off, I see a bald spot coming. Lately I've been calling her "Baby Girl" and "Sister" which I realize are totally generic nick-names, but not in a personal light - I've never had a baby girl and Liam has never had a sister, so it's a big deal! Oh, and it's been almost 2 weeks now that she's slept for 5-6 hour stretches, and only gotten me up once, so nice. That means she's ready for her big-girl crib, even though I'm not ready for it we have to make the switch next week anyway, so she has a week to adjust before I go back to work. No. How am I going to leave this little face? It's not going to be easy.

She is our "song of happiness."

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