Carolina had her 2-month doctor visit today and the news was quite surprising. She let out one little squawk at her shot, her vitals and check her were all good - but both length and weight were a surprise. Her length grew by almost 4 inches - whoa!! That puts her in the 95%ile for her age. What's surprising is her length-for-weight puts her in the 1%ile.... FIRST PERCENTILE. I'm pretty sure I've never heard of that before. The thing is she's no lightweight, 12 lbs. - 43%ile for her age (although when I looked up the cdc charts online, they didn't match the print-outs the doc gave us?? mine said 65%ile... still about middle of the pack though). I knew she got super long really fast, because she started to look huge in her bassinet and all her 3 month size one-piece outfits and even some onesies were suddenly too short when she had been swimming in them. And we all know her cheeks aren't short on chub, but I guess the rest of her isn't very... baby-fat. So other than her face she's a long-skinny baby I guess - maybe she's going to be a super-model? At this age Liam was almost 11 lbs. and almost 23 inches, which was normal (he was born a week early though).

Well anyway, the little line on her growth charts aren't following the curve so the doctor wants me to bring her in for less-than-weekly (I don't know about that) weight checks - she thinks the weight thing may be due to the nursing issues we've been having for the last few days, which may be caused by some constipation. I certainly hope both of these things fix themselves for my sanity just as much as for her weight. I've never seen a baby scream like that - it's like she's hungry, but super mad about eating, and it happens at almost every meal (except in the middle of the night or a nap... she's too tired to think about it upsetting her I guess). I feel bad for her, but at the same time I feel irritated - like she's insulting me somehow. If tonight is as bad as the last few days I'm going to call the LLL tomorrow.

Other than when she eats, she's a really happy baby and giving TONS of smiles to mom and dad and brother! As sad as it was for me to move her to her crib, she hasn't been sad about it at all. She even slept in until 5 this morning before she needed to eat - that was a first. I'm exhausted from listening to the monitor all night and getting up to check on her just-in-case.
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