Back to work...

This was my first week back at work (since I had to go back a little earlier than planned, due to finances) - it was actually a really good week. I didn't cry at all while I was there... however the weekend before I went back there were some serious waterworks. Carolina and I did lots of snuggling - lots, which was good because I'm learning that there is very little time for that in the 5 hours I have with her before bedtime. I can't just sit and hold her the whole evening anymore, everything I did in a whole day of naptimes before, I now have to cram it all in after work whether she's napping or not - sad. Plus she was super cranky in the evenings every day this week - lots and lots of crying and bedtime suddenly became much more difficult even thought she did fine all week before. The thing that's saved this week, well things: Todd's understanding/support, my parents keeping Carolina, and the great class I have this year - they have made work a joy this week, really they're so fun; oh and probably the fact that vacation is next week. So glad it's the weekend though!
Here are some pics from last weekend...

What a sweetie! And here are some pics of Liam I found, that you can really see Lina in... especially this first one -

I think it's obvious they're siblings.

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