Here are my little dragon and princess. Liam wants to clarify that he was a nice dragon, not a mean one, so I guess he was guarding "Princess Carowina", not holding her captive. The only two costumes Liam would consent to wear were the ice cream cone girl costume, and a dragon - so Jeran gave me the idea for a princess... and how to make a tiny baby princess costume. Mom made the hat - and it all turned out super cute!

We had to go to Grandma and Papa's house, Auntie Jen's, and then Nana and Poppa's before we rushed home to get our party ready.

(you're right dad, this wasn't the best spot...)

Liam and Owen had a good time together, they both got hyped up on candy and ran wild the rest of the night. I am finding that there are repercussions today... he's a little grump, who's sneaking candy out of his pumpkin while I'm taking care of Carolina. Oh well, it's only once a year :)

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