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My brain is constantly going in a thousand directions, a mish mash of go here, do this, check that - and that's what this post is going to be too, we're going to jump around a little.
To start off I'll go back to my 6 week check up (Carolina will be 8 weeks tomorrow) - I've lost about 21 lbs. since my last weigh-in before she was born, pretty good - about 9 more to go, and those guys are going to be stubborn. But everything else was great, just having lots of vascular headaches that I turned down meds for, so I need to keep drinking water like it's going out of style.

Let's see, next up would be Liam's first "real" hair cut... meaning, cut by a professional. His hair was just getting so long, and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't seem to get it to a place I liked. Because of Liam's reluctance to try anything new I was nervous about taking him, but he had a good attitude about it and I brought along some m&m's just in case. It turned out to be a pretty good haircut, still a little shaggy like we like it.

A little wary of this...

No paparazzi!

One last m&m bribes a smile out of him.

Carolina keeps changing her routine on me - for two days she only ate once at night, meaning 5 or 6 hour stretches of sleep (from about 10pm to 3 am to 8am) for 2 days, then back to twice a night for a few days (3 1/2 hour stretches of sleep), then on for like 5 days, then off for 3 days, and now she's been back on 1-feeding for the last 4 nights... I really hope it sticks this time. I don't want to move her to her room until she's consistently doing it (of course, I don't really want to move her to her room at all). It makes such a huge difference in how I feel the next day, when I only have to wake up once. It's completely do-able. Other than that, which isn't so bad, she's an easy baby... had a couple of super fussy times this past week and that was it. We're starting to see a little of her personality come out, compared to Liam I'd says she's a little more relaxed, but also more serious - we will see.

Thanksgiving was at Todd's Aunt Izzy's, as usual, I think 35 of us were there, it was fun and tasty. Liam was opposed to watching the parade in the morning (he's hooked on A Bug's Life lately) but once we got through that set of tears and he started watching it, he liked it. Then it was a mad scramble to get all of us ready and pack for a day out of the house (we might as well have been going away for the weekend with all the stuff in our car). Carolina was excited to meet some of her relatives for the first time though.

Todd and Patrick go first in line... they say it's "tradition."

The more, the merrier...

Post-dinner naptime

Liam pays a visit to Oreo

The guys playing frisbee golf.

I wish I could say we were all decorated for Christmas, but that's not even begun (except the outside lights, we did that earlier this week) - and it's not likely to happen that soon. I feel like I have too many other chores/cleaning to do before I can even think about making that mess. Also on my mind is the fact that I only have 2 more weeks at home. Days/weeks/2 months! have gone by SO fast, I can't even explain it, it blows my mind how the time flies, and I know these next two weeks are going to feel like I just snapped my fingers. I have a lot to do...
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