Morning Fail

Liam vs. Carolina

Remember how I said I make goals for myself, of what I want to get done each day, well today my big goal was to relax.. smaller goals included bathing both kids and finishing the laundry - not big stuff - you would think. It was too much apparently. Carolina had decided today that she wanted to be held constantly, Liam had decided he was NOT going to have a bath, Ripley decided she was going to irritate the crap out of me, and well, I decided to be a klutz and drop a big bowl of soup all over the inside of the fridge, the floor, and myself. Carolina screaming, Liam wailing (in time out), Ripley barking... soup everywhere. That was fun. Thankfully, now both kids are sleeping and I am finally sitting down to watch "You've Got Mail" - which I've been wanting to watch all month!
I know it's been too long since I last posted, I remember I had this problem when Liam was a baby - so many things would happen that I wanted to write about, but when I finally had the time to, I would forget everything I wanted to say. Speaking of that, I have found my old blog posts to be helpful in remembering things about taking care of a baby and when to expect certain milestones.
For the most Carolina continues to be an easy baby - I'm thinking today it's her tummy again, and possibly that we were so busy this weekend she just wants some snuggles. Her stomach gives her trouble on-and-off, not nearly as much as Liam's where I had to give him Mylicon after every single time he ate. She was super easy to take to the mall and run errands with this weekend, without Liam :) It also seems like she's a huge all of a sudden, like she's not even a newborn anymore! Everybody else says she's so small, but it sure doesn't seem like it to me. She's also definitely looking like Liam now, there are some times when she looks exactly like a baby pictures I have of Liam that it's uncanny. Although so far she's kept all her dark hair, and it might even turn out curly! The weather keeps not cooperating with me to get more pictures, but I will keep trying!
Liam was actually kind of sick this weekend, he had a fever Friday and puked while he was at Grandma and Papa's house - as is standard for him. Poor kiddo. But thankfully the fever was gone the next day and he didn't puke again. He's such a sweet funny boy, just being a naughty 2 year old with too much free time on his hands right now. His prayers are always funny... today it was "Thank you for mommy, daddy, and Ripley, for daddy coming home and playing cars, and thank you for time-outs" - yeh right.

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