A bit more...

A few more pictures from spring break...

Yes, even in our totally un-spring-like, often snowy weather, the pool was opened and heated and we went swimming!!
Except Liam - but he did get his feet wet.
Liam is finding his independence - another yay for him, boo for me moment. Ever since he doesn't need anybody to help him walk, he's decided he doesn't need us for lots of other things.... eating for instance. He's also been starting to throw little tantrums when things don't go his way, if he doesn't want to be picked up, or doesn't want a new diaper - I thought that kind of behavior wouldn't start until he was 2! Agh!
He's an absolutely wonderful walker now, it won't be long before he figures out there's a possibility out there called 'running'. And look at that sweet, sleepy smile - he's still a cuddly sweet baby when he wants to be.
The cousins had so much fun playing together - I didn't take very many pictures because Jeranwas getting so many with her fancy camera. When she uploads her pictures I'll try to grab a few to share.
We had such a good time with all the family in town - I'm still sad that it's over... can it be summer break now?


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