You say it's your birthday...

Liam's birthday bash was last night, I wanted it to be on his actual birthday. The theme was a Winter One-derland...
I had lots of help with the decorations from my students and the di-cut machine at school.
Liam loves things that hang from the ceiling... so... perfect.
The party was at 6, and Liam's bedtime is at 8, so we had to move right along. Dinner was chilli or soup and cornbread, all drinks were drunk out of coffee mugs. And then it was time for presents...
He had lots of help.
Presents do not hold enormous interest for Liam yet, so it was rip-tear-move along... to cake.
White cake with almond frosting that Grandma Linda made and I helped decorate. I wasn't sure that Liam would like eating it, because he mostly doesn't like feeding himself anything that gets him messy, but...
I think he liked it... he ate A LOT.
Yep, he definitely liked it.
Ice cream, not so much.
But this was as messy as it got folks - he's my son.
It was kind of nuts with 19 people in our small house, but we had a good time (such a good time, in fact, that I totally forgot to get out the snowglobe craft stuff for the kids - daggum!). Thanks to Linda, Steve, Jen, Pat, Izzy, Ron, Heidi, Maddie, Brad, Dixie, Katie, Ethan, Lucas, Coe, Stephanie, and Luke for coming!! (But we missed you Nanna and Poppa, Lonnie, Jeran, Denali and Dylan, and all the G.G.'s!)
And some birthday footage:


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