Just too much...

I realize it's been 2 weeks since my last post, I'm sorry it's been so long - these last few weeks have just felt like too much.
I took a day and half off work and went to Bremerton 2 weekends ago to be with my mom and sister in the hospital with dad. It was terrible, and interesting, and uplifting, and exhausting. Then I came home to play catch-up, which would have been fine because of the three day weekend except that Liam was A) into everything (his favorite thing to do is to take everything out or off of wherever it is), and B) a total Cranky Pants McGee - so I got next to nothing done... and it culminated with me calling my doctor at midnight to be told that Liam had croup. Croup cough got better, but Liam got worse, it was the first time Kathy said she was ready to pass Liam off, and I don't blame her. So to the doctor we went today and learned that the croup turned into Baby's First Ear Infection - one for the memory book - so fun. I do feel bad for the poor kid, he can't nap or play. Antibiotics have been started and we have some ear numbing drops too for good measure. Todd and I feel like we've been run ragged, and I'll be leaving for Bremerton again this weekend (only this time to sit with an awake and miraculously improved dad'o'mine!). Hopefully Liam will be feeling better by the weekend for so his dad will be able to relax a bit.

I haven't taken many pictures lately, but here are a few...

so many toys, so little time

"cool, dude"

check out those teeth!!

bathtime is a little less relaxed and a lot more wet nowadays...
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