We have lift off!

Finally, he crawled... I didn't see it of course. I was gone, but Todd said he crawled like 6 steps! The most he'll do for me is one, but often he will use one arm and one foot to drag his body across the floor, like some kind of baby zombie. That seems much harder than crawling, but what do I know? He's also finally shown me that he does really know how to sit up on his own, and has been doing it with some regularity. He's learning so much, so fast! (And just in time for our long plane ride, of course)
I have no pictures of any of this, because he stops when I bring out the camera. But I will keep trying.
My parents are here to see Jen and I in the Living Christmas Tree at church. We had our first performance last night and it went really well and we had fun too. It was totally packed out, there was one tiny row up in the very back corner of the balcony that was empty I think. Pray for us though - we have been doing rehearsals, 2 hours a day for the last week, and we have 4 more performances to go... pray for our energy and strength (of our feet), we are starting to wear out a little I think.
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