On the tenth day [til] Christmas...

What! 10 days till Christmas! Does that sound ridiculously soon to you too? Christmas always sneaks up you, no matter how prepared you are, it seems. Actually I was able to allllmost finish my Christmas shopping this last weekend and I'm really quite impressed with myself considering the "officially crazy weather" (name that film) we've been encountering here. We've had over a week of lovely but slick snow and well-below freezing, some sub-zero, temperatures - this is bad for teachers who have to keep their kids inside all day, especially bad when they're already hyped up about Christmas (inside.. all day... for a week.. at Christmastime!!!). However now those temps are looking good compared to our just-above-freezing temps today, which means rain, lots of slush, and a skating rink to drive on tomorrow morning. That is the part I don't like about winter. If it's going to be cold, and snow, then just do that... but the melting and freezing and repeat is not nice. This morning I drove by a car wrapped around a telephone pole, on my normal route to work... yikes. I do love the snow though, and Liam likes it too - to look at, but not so much to hold. He smiles at it, then picks it up, then cries. When I complain that Liam isn't dressed warmly enough, Todd says it's ok because he has Alaskan blood in him... Todd seems to forget that not even Todd has Alaskan blood. ;)
Still no tooth, still a nasty cold because of the tooth, and still a Whiny Pants McGee. Tooth, you've got one more week, do you hear me!? Ahh, he knows they're empty threats. Anywho - Liam is working away from the army crawl, and getting better at a 'regular' crawl. "He gets into everything" says I, until I remember that he can't even open things or stand up and reach - oy vey! (it is Hanukkah after all)
We finally got him a big boy car seat, it's a convertible one, so no worries, he's still facing backwards. It's nice not to feel like I'm breaking his arm to get him into it! He was 23 lbs. at the doctor yesterday, after all.
Hmm, now that I read my blog back, I sound like a crazy person, probably because I am. 3 more days till Christmas break people, but who's counting?

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