Merry & Bright

What a week it's been... The Living Christmas Tree ran for 4 nights, 5 shows, plus a week of rehearsals before that. It was tiring, but an amazing experience. I was truly blessed to be a part of it. Mom and Dad came for their monthly Liam visit, as well as to see Jen and I in the Tree. It was a short visit for them, but exciting as Liam really started crawling while they were here. We also had the pleasure of waking up to a few inches of snow on Monday morning, and it's still here! The snow is beautiful but I do not appreciate temperatures in the negatives... this is why we don't live in Alaska! Liam's pooper-of-a-top-tooth has also decided to give it another go at breaking through. Liam is normally such a perfect sleeper, but this one's waking him up at all hours of the night, and keeping him from daytime naps, plus just generally making him grouchy and whiny. I do not enjoy new teeth; and may I just say that if it has not reared it's pearly white head by the 23rd, we are toast.
Here's a pictorial round-up of our last week. Videos of a baby-on-the-move to come.
obligatory family shot :)
it's a christmas cheeseball
gettin' into mischief
i think i can, i think i can

i thought i could, i thought i could

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