First Christmas: part two - North Carolina (a Mullinax Family Reunion)

Watch out - it's a big'n!!!
This is what Grandpa's hill looked like when we got there... absolutely gorgeous.
Freezing rain made the trees beautiful!
Things warmed up just enough to make the sky blue.
One of our many delicious dinners care of Grandma.
Liam and Great-Grandma.
Liam with cousins Ross and Megan (and the only time he got this close to Ross).
With Great-Grandpa and Nana.
Liam wants in the candy room where Megan is!
Two little elves on Christmas morning!
Getting his stocking with daddy, looks like Santa came!
Have you ever seen so many presents?! (keep in mind, this was for a lot of people)
Liam was pretty impressed that the stack of presents was taller than him.
With Great Aunt Lynda and Uncle Gary (his new best friend).
Talking to cousins Amanda and Daniel.
Playing new toys with cousin Anthony.
Somebody sprouted a Christmas tail!
With Great Aunt Sharon.
And Great Uncle Terry.
Just a cute picture to show you that Liam learned how to kneel (and he also finally popped out that top tooth)!
More dinner (I think 21 people...).
One of Liam's many admirers.
Saying goodbye to Great Granny and Great Aunt Tessa with Poppa K.

Being silly with cousin Jonathan.
Just don't ask.

Flying out of Atlanta, looking at the lights.

It was a very special Christmas for us. We don't get to see our east-coast family very often and very rarely all together. It was amazing to have the opportunity to be all in one place and to introduce a new family member to everybody. We played games and ate way too much candy and hot pickles. Mostly we just enjoyed being with those we love. God has blessed us this year, in new and precious ways.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Anonymous said…
You do such a great job with the blog! I loved every picture and all your commentary. It is very special.
Love, Mom
Anonymous said…
True that! I think this was my favorite Christmas ever. Very special.
-aunt jennie
Anonymous said…
Wow, those are some great pictures Jess!! I love looking at your little boy growing up so big. He sure is a cutie! I loved him with his Aunt Jennie in the elf picture and also the one with the bow on his tail. Hee hee...super adorable!


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