I just realized that I have been blogging for just over a year now. It's fun to look back... but I'm saving my big trip down memory lane for his birthday. I'm impressed with myself that I have kept going for this long; I never could ever remember to keep a diary or journal when I was young. Of course I think I have because these days I have much more to write about than before, and the other reason is that I know so many of you friends and family read it and it helps us feel closer - now if only all of you would start up a blog so I could read about your lives!
No pictures today because Jen used my camera to take pics of her luggage contents (in case it gets stolen or lost) and apparently there's something in there that I can't see! I'm too busy to take many pictures right now anyways - in T-minus 42 hours I'll be blasting off to NC. I'm busy today trying to wrap, clean, do laundry, and hopefully get started on packing. Unfortunately Todd has a long day at work and won't be home until late tonight. Crazy Liam (who has already pooped 3 times, and it's only 1:30, gah!) is busy shrieking and chasing the dog around the kitchen with her leash in his mouth. Pray, pray, pray for us on Wednesday!
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