Stats at last...

Liam finally saw the Dr. yesterday - what a debacle it was... but I'll get to that later.
Liam is 29 inches (68 %ile), 22.5 pounds (75 %ile), with a 18.25 in. head circumference(75 %ile)... so he's just a generally larger kid, not too big though. The doc said he seemed very healthy and normal (even though he's not crawling and still sleeping so much). Frankly, I'm surprised he's as light as 22 lbs. - he certainly seems much heavier than that.
I'm glad to finally have him checked and my questions answered, but getting those questions answered was an ordeal. It began in typical medical fashion, with us having to wait 35 minutes before us ever even seeing the nurse. It was already a very stressful, very busy day, and having to sit there and helplessly wait while Liam squirmed, and fussed, and threw things, and tried to throw himself... well I was sorely tempted to hightail it. Then Liam decided to pee through his second outfit that day, luckily I keep extra clothes in the car, unluckily the pants didn't fit. So poor Liam looked like a hobo-baby with an odd assortment of socks, shoes, old onesie, and giant puffy jacket - naked legs. At least it didn't get on me... much. Then we waited some more once we made it inside the office, and I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to keep Liam happy on my lap, Hello - no I'm not going to let you get down and play on the floor of a place where sick people rotate in and out of every 30 minutes!
AND uhhhhh, 6 hour plane ride coming up - what am I going to do?!?!?
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