Our troubles will be miles away...

Life is never perfect, but when you have times like these - who can bother with the troubles?

it won't be long, mommy

I don't know about you, but I'm impressed

it's the beginning of the end

I know, I know - the Thanksgiving Turkey is barely cold (and sometimes not even cooked) before I'm moving on to Christmas, but I say "bah-humbug" to the tsk-tskers! Todd and I picked out a tree yesterday (after going to see New Moon, we agreed it was surprisingly good!), and today I decorated it and the rest of the house. It was a busy but fun day; behold...

Ripley, the red-antlerred-rain-dog (she hates it, but we love it 'cause she jingles when she walks and it sounds like Santa is coming!)

boys playing on the floor while girl gets decorating done

oohs-and-ahhs over the lights
comfort & joy

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