Old, New, and Wish-I-Knew...

We had fun with our good (old) friends the Michaelsons, on Halloween night - even though the boys had costumes, we did not take them trick-or-treating, instead we hung out together and passed out candy. It was a very fun evening, and we got some great pics out of it. The time change annoyed me this year, because of course babies don't realize you get to sleep in, but it has gone fine. We started pushing back Liam's bedtime 15 minutes each night, the day before the change, and so by today he went to bed at 8 again. Although, he was still waking up "early."

Hmmm, what's all this about?
Hey, knock it off, buddy!

I'm sorry, I love you friend.
I love you too.

Also, Liam started his new daycare today with a friend from school. I really enjoyed it because I got to take Liam to school with me and then pass him off from there as well as having him dropped off to me at school afterwards - so I got to show him off a little bit, which is always fun :) Kathy said they had a fun day, and took a few pics of him playing (remind me to get fun fridge magnets). I don't know if it's the new daycare or just a coincidence, but he was way happier this afternoon and evening than he has been in... maybe ever, after daycare... like not a single fuss or whine. I'm certain he's the best baby ever. Todd was home early today and we just enjoyed being with him so much. Even though he (STILL) can't crawl he's very interactive and busy.
What I wish I knew was Liam's stats - he had a Dr.'s appointment today, which I left early to get to. Of course they wait until I get there to tell me that the policies have changed, and Liam needs to wait 3 more days to have his next shot, but now he can't have a nurse give him vaccines anymore, could I reschedule for Thursday? No, I definitely can't... and oh, the Dr. is out all next week... Could they tell me this, when they called to remind me of the appointment, of course not. Nice. So now were looking 2 more weeks. I'm dying to know how big Liam is, and his percentiles. Also I want to make sure he's progressing as he should and hitting those all-important baby benchmarks.

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