It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

What a busy week we've had...
2 Living Christmas Tree practices
1 grocery shopping trip
2 late work nights for Todd
2 evenings spent with company
1 Christmas shopping trip
...let the holidays begin!
We had some lovely snow this morning, it came down hard and thick for a while, but it was pretty slushy. I tried to get some pictures of Liam in his new jacket, hat, and mittens outside... but the snow was mostly gone by then.
I did find some time so pull the Christmas boxes out of the storage closet today, (boy that's a job in itself) because, 1- I wanted to be all ready to go on Friday when I'm "allowed" to start decorating, and 2 - I wanted to find Liam's Little People Nativity, which I did!

He loved it! His favorites were the donkey and the angel; baby Jesus, he threw across the room.
Only two days of work this week, and then I'm just so looking forward to having 5 whole days off, and taking Liam to pick a Christmas tree, and watching me some parades, and of course eating way too many of Aunt Dixie's deviled eggs.
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