And just like that...

As happy as Liam was yesterday, he is that unhappy today. We had a little inkling that something was coming because Liam woke up whining a few times last night, which almost never happens. Then today Kathy (his day-caregiver) said he was fussy, that he had a little fever, and just wanted to snuggle. I also noticed a stuffy nose, not much of an appetite, and yes- very grouchy. We're pretty sure it was teething, because one cheek was a much brighter red than the other, and the other symptoms are familiar too.
A great thing happened today though! Liam learned how to play peek-a-boo with me, rather than me playing with him, and by that I mean he's the one that holds the blanket over his face and waits and then quickly pulls it off with a huge grin. He didn't want to stop when it was time for bed. It's so adorable.
Tomorrow is my 1st of 2 12+ hr. days at school with Parent-Teacher Conferences. Ugh. Pray for energy for me!!
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