I can't believe it's Thursday already, and I really can't believe it was only a week ago that we were in Disneyland. A week never went by so quickly... who sped up the clock? Of course I think it didn't help that it's dark so much earlier and later. We went from indian summer to (what felt like) winter in literally a week (it snowed in parts of Canyon County!). It has settled into fall, for good now I think, so I've been tearfully packing away Liam's little shorts and t-shirts and washing his new 9 and 12 month warm clothes. He is still not crawling, just scooting backwards and in 360's - it works for him. He grabs everything, and yells, and he's just such a happy-smiley-laughy baby. It kills me that I get 2 hours with him every day... yep 2; by the time I get home with him it's almost 4, his nap time, which he usually takes for 2 hours - then he goes to bed at 8. Aaahhh! I live for the weekends.
I've got a few more pictures from Disneyland for you.. from Jeran, my sis-in-law's, camera - they're super cute!
Dylan with one of his "treats"
Denali is such a good little babysitter
it can't get any cuter
just kidding

good times, great memories

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