How can it be?

... that 9 months ago Liam was born... that he's been out in the world for as long as it took him to get ready for the world... that he could be SO BIG!
Yes, I'm having a sappy-sentimental walk down memory lane, and yes I did go back and read my own blog from the beginning, and yes I am trying to force Liam to snuggle with me.*sighhh*
Life has been hectic lately with choir practices, grocery runs for more baby food/diapers/formula, family visiting, and trying to do get in the DAILY load of laundry (what is with my lists today?)... and guess what, parent-teacher-conferences are next week. That means 2 twelve hour days in a row - and seeing Liam zero hours. Although, Liam switches to private daycare next week with a friend who lives next to my school, so hopefully I can sneak over during my lunch or dinner break to say hi.
I feel like he changes and grows every day, and I mentally blog about it, then run out of time to get it written down and forget what oh-so-important thing happened. He hasn't started crawling or got another tooth yet, it's more that he's just figuring out life and getting so smart. But until I think of more to say here are some (read: a lot of) pictures:

cute faces

loves his daddy
he'll do anything for the dog though

even share his snacks

he'll even act like her!

big enough to hold his own bottle (though not often)

this is where backwards scooting will get you

*sniff* so *sniff* big *sniff*

Cute story that just happened... Liam had a bath, in which he sucked up water as usual - but it had bubbles and he got them in his nose, then whenever he breathed a bubble blew out and then in (repeat) of his nose.


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