Here we go again...

It was kind of a rough weekend for Liam - he caught a NASTY cold and cough (or maybe it's teething again, we'll see), a couple times he coughed so hard that he threw up, but mostly it's just making it really hard for him to sleep.
I had already asked for Monday off because Todd had the day off, and I felt like I really needed to do some catch-up on housework. It ended up being good because actually none of us felt very good, and Liam did well at daycare today though, so maybe we'll be better soon.
In school news I have my first confirmed H1N1 case - lovely. I'm being almost mean the the kids that don't cover their mouths when they cough.
Liam is getting to be less and less of the snuggly baby he used to be, and pretty much always wants to be moving or grabbing something or making lots of noise (30 solid seconds of loud "ah-da-ah-da-ah-da-ah-da..." is kinda funny). But the funniest person in our house is definitely Todd - but you probably already knew that.
I do have a few pictures for you - these are from Saturday when went to the outlet mall to visit the Carter's store, and loved it, then we picked some pumpkins out of Steve's (Papa M's) patch.
gussied up and headed for the mall
just chillin in the wheelbarrow

by the way, it's really cold

a pumpkin patch kid (nod to my 80's roots)
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