Wow - I'm exhausted, but happy.
We got off to a tough start - there were no extra seats on the plane for Liam's car seat, he wouldn't go to sleep, I did not pack enough formula, the Super Shuttle took us to the ghetto, our hotel "suite" ended up being roughly the size of a matchbox, the baby was not happy in the park (he didn't realize he was in Disneyland yet). Buuut, of course it all worked out - we rearranged the hotel furniture, Liam learned how to nap in his stroller, and well, we were at our favorite place! It was pretty hot the first two days we were there, but it was also not very crowded. We had so much fun with with California McConnels - Denali and Dylan loved hanging out with their cousin, and we loved hanging with them - they are such fun kids.
jungle cruisin' with mom...
...and dad
first time on the carousel with grandma
we put our feet up at The Grand, and Liam practiced putting them down
Liam's first Mickey ears
9 people - 1 tub...
nappin' on the go is easy now
a beautiful October day
lovin' his auntie, uncle, and cousins!
gettin' ready for his first toy story mania ride!
bein' silly
my niece, Nal, and I are ready to go!
fast friends
I just love my Disney pics
McConnel grandkids
So much happened in so little time - I'm not even going to try to get in all the details... but I'll be happy to tell you specs if you really want to know :)
Now we're back - and happy to be home... even if it went straight from summer to winter while we were away!
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