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look what I can do

Wow, that week went fast. I'm not even sure what happened. Liam still has his cold-like-teething-thing, he puked 3 times this week - once this morning, we had to skip church there was so much of it... it was bad. Also, ee was really crabby this week, even daycare mentioned it - the only thing I can think is that that tooth must hurt. We started the humidifier at night and his nose seems to be less stuffed, so some improvement.
We finally had another day of fallish weather, where we actually got to wear pants - ooh. It was so beautiful and nice. I reeeally like the pool, but Liam is running out of things he can wear in this hot weather. He turns 8 months old next week, but he is into 9 month clothes and 12 month jammies (what!) !!! If someone had told me that he would go through 4 sizes of clothing in one summer (3-6-9-12), I would have laughed at them, but I probably would have bought summer clothes in those sizes too, just in case!
Liam's new trick is getting up on his knees and he gets better at it every day, he even rocks back and forth like he's getting ready to take off (which I guess he is), he even got up on his toes once (downward dog - if you know yoga). He moves all over the room, most by rolling to get where he wants, but he can turn and scoot backward pretty good too. It won't be long before I'm going to have a crawler on my hands :)

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