My Perfect Day(s)...

Ahh, I love the weekend, especially 3 day ones... why can't they all be like this again? I think most people would work longer for 4 days to have 3 off, am I right? The only problem with weekends in that it reminds me of what I'm missing during the week...
Liam has been the happiest, most agreeable baby since this tooth broke through.. not that he was really that fussy or unhappy before, but he's just never fussy now. When it's naptime, he rubs his eyes, I lay him down, and out he goes - for some good long naps. Today we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then to the mall, he completely missed his morning nap - but we never heard a single fuss from him, he just chilled in his stroller and then fell asleep on the ride home. And now he's just sitting, drooling like a broken faucet and playing with his toys so happily. After the hot hot weather we had last week, this 60 deg. stuff is awesome. I like how we can swim one day, and wear jackets the next. In fact the cool weather inspired me to buy the most adorable hat ever...
... I'm a sucker for animal hats.
Speaking of buying... Todd's cousin Ron teaches the Dave Ramsey "Financial Peace" class at church, and was nice enough to give us a crash course in about an hour - since we were feeling the crunch after starting daycare (at about $100 more a month than we had thought!). So now we are on a strict budget and I am looking for good deals left and right - my moment of triumph so far, was $3 pants, onesies, and jackets for Liam at Target!!! Sometimes I think Target is my best friend.
The pool continues to be awesome, and I have more of a tan in September, than I had through all of June-August.. funny.
Jen and I started the Living Christmas Tree production practice at church last week - and I'm very excited about it!
Just over 3 weeks left until we meet the CA McConnels in Disneyland, can't wait!
Liam can now go from sitting up to on his tummy (on purpose, not by falling over), and says "mama", "heyyy", and mostly "dada" with some other adorable gibberish.

As soon as I can, I'll get you a picture of that little tooth - it's going to be soo CUTE when it really pops up! But watch out - it's sharp I'll tell ya!
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