Days go by...

Well Saturday Notre Dame lost, but I think that's because Liam was sleeping for most of it. The rest of the weekend was great - Liam practiced getting up on his knees some more (which I could not get him to do when the camera was out), then we had dinner with the Spragues where Auntie Katie had arranged his first finger-painting experience to take place. He mostly just tried to pick up the paper, but hey, it made cool paint scribbles! Sunday was the perfect swimming day, I'm sure the sky was never more blue.

pretty proud of himself (you can see the tooth if you look closely)

the thoughtful artiste

More big news (if you are a baby) - Liam's SECOND tooth is coming in, right next to the first one. I wondered why he was getting a little cranky and his cold was getting worse - although now I'm not sure that it's just teething that's making him sick. He coughs an awful lot, so much so that he's made himself throw up (and did it again today at daycare), he won't eat much at all, and he is having a hard time taking naps (only 30 minutes today - all day!!!!). No fever though - but I still called the nurse at his Dr.'s to see if there's anything she thinks or anything I can give him. You can just tell his throat hurts and it makes me sad. He's still a very smiley, happy guy though - he's the favorite at daycare, they told me so :)
I am finally getting used to going to work every day, the sadness is still there - but I'm used to it so I can just ignore it now. We are looking forward to Nana coming in a week, and flying to California in two weeks!



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