Good. vs. Evil

That would be the trip (good) vs. the packing (evil). Packing for 3 people (and the third has a much stuff as the first two) SUCKS! It stresses me out soooo much. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel... less than 24 hours away... I can make it.
Besides that, it's been a really busy week - trying to get in as many swims before our cold weather came and the pool is closed plus my mom visiting for 5 days and all that goes with having company (although she really did so much for us again, even though she was sick!!).
Liam had some rough times this week, but today he did really well - he ate and drank and pooped a normal amount. Thank goodness.
So sorry, no time for pictures or more to tell. But there will be really a fun update in a mere 5 days!
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