Another good one...

Weekend, I mean. Now that the tooth has broken through Liam is not wanting to take nearly as long or as frequent of naps - but he's not grouchy, so it's fine with me - yesterday he took only 2! The "cold" or whatever it is, is still around - so now we're wondering if it's allergies, because he's been rubbing his eyes a lot when he's not tired.
Friday was a fantastic day, we went swimming at night and hooked up a projector outside to play a movie on the side of the house... So we watched Jurassic Park from in the pool until 10:30 - it eventually got a little too cold for some people (ahem, me), but it was a really fun/unique thing to do. Since we knew we were staying late, we had just decided to stay at Steve and Linda's. Liam slept perfectly, as usual, in his pack-n-play there and then Linda made us yummy waffles for breakfast, and it felt a little bit like a getaway.
Today after coming home and relaxing with a happy baby a bit (and one who is getting up on his knees and trying to move!) my goal is to clean, clean, clean - our house has been trashed lately, because during the week there just isn't time to do chores, and then I get frustrated and grumpy. So - no swimming today until my work here is done. Todd doesn't mind though, he's happy to hang out on the couch with Liam and watch some Notre Dame football...
He's a lucky charm - last week they won!

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