Too blue to blog...

I know it's been a while since I last blogged, but besides being super busy now that I'm back at work full time - I just haven't had the heart to. I've been a little stressed and depressed and I don't think I could've typed a word without whining. I'm going to give it a try now - and I'll start by saying, One week of school - Done! (yay) Last year I had the most wonderful, smartest, easiest class - which I totally needed. And apparently what I need this year is the opposite of last year. This class is going to be a challenge from every angle, but there are some sweeties in there to keep me invested. I won't like it, but I'll survive it.
Liam is gaining weight by the minute, I'm pretty sure. He's got to be closing in on 20 lbs. (we'll find out for sure next week at the Dr.). He looks bigger every day. If you go to the Sprague's blog, Katie posted a picture of Liam and Lucas "playing" together - Lucas is 5 months older and used to look HUGE next to him, but not anymore.
Liam was still with his Grandma this week, she reported that he definitely had some grumpy moments and didn't want to be too far away from her. He also had lots of trouble eating his bottle, but scarfs down his food - which still leads me to think that there's a tooth just around the corner. It's been hard to have him tired so early, I want to (and try to) keep him awake as long as I can so I can be with him longer - but he's usually just so fussy 'cause he's tired. Last night however he was so sweet - he was tired, but he didn't fuss, he just laid so peacefully all snuggly in my arms and tugged on my hair and played with my mouth for almost an hour until he just nodded off to sleep - it was perfection.Today Jen and I took him to BoDo and did the 8th Street Market, he really enjoyed sitting up and looking around in his new stroller (yes I finally picked one, although -ugh- it's still not my perfect stroller, because that doesn't exist). I'm just determined to soak up as many moments with him as I possibly can.
Oh - my video for you this week was my second attempt at feeding Liam peas... you'll see.

He eventually gagged and refused to open his mouth for more bites.... I'm sure I would do the same.

Click here to see pool progress... almost done!

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