Some fun...

The weather has been super hot again, but we've been getting out and enjoying what we can. (Oh, also - my mom is here again just for a few days... I asked her to come, and she did!.. putting off taking Liam to daycare)
Yesterday we went to the Western Idaho Fair - pretty much just for the food. We did share, but here's the list - it's pretty long: deep fried twinkie, deep fried oreos, frozen limeade, mini doughnuts, greek gyros, strawberry lemonade, corn dogs, ice cream potato, and topped it all off with an elephant ear! It was blasted hot, but luckily that doesn't affect your tastebuds. We took Liam to see the bunnies, but he was more interested in grabbing the prize ribbons on their cages. We also paid entrance to see the 1,000 lb. pig - it was INSANE. Of course, I didn't get a picture, but I don't think it would have done him justice anyway.
Liam was a very happy guy today, right up until after his dinner so we decided to take him to the park - which he hasn't been to in a very long time. He was calm and content the whole time - the only problem was that the sun was getting low and was too much in his eyes.
Only 172 more teaching days!
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