We really had a great visit with all the Knights - Liam showed off with all of his grunty-squeal-responses, almost words, giant smiles, and sitting up... I don't know if he's ever charmed anybody so thoroughly in such a short amount of time. But they are gone now, and we miss them. Yesterday was kind of a bad day - getting adjusted back to a normal schedule with nobody but mommy around to entertain Liam. He was crazy-fussy yesterday evening, and he puked again (oh, I didn't tell you, he's puked once a day for the last 3 days, and just been generally very grouchy in the evening)... which prompted a trip to the doctor this morning. There's nothing wrong with him as far as they can tell - so we're going to go off food except for formula and rice cereal and see if that does anything - and if it doesn't then I guess it's either the formula or he's teething (although you can't feel any teeth under there!). Or maybe he's sensing my anxiety. I'm slowly becoming a basket-case - summer is rapidly coming to an end (just over 1 week left!!) and I'm just not handling it very well, as I'm sure most new mom's wouldn't. This last week is crammed full - we are keeping an eye on pool construction while the in-laws are away, I've been going school shopping and visiting the classroom, I am weaning Liam (which is a whole gamut of emotions in itself), and we still only have 1 car! I feel like I'm keeping it together on the outside really well, but sometime soon these emotions are going to get to a boiling point it's not going to be pretty. Liam is just growing and changing so fast (27.25 in, 18.4 lbs. now) - just today he started sticking his tongue out and blowing pbbbbts at me, it's hilarious; he shakes his head "no", he says mamama and dadada, but not on purpose yet - and I want to be there when he figures out what he's saying; plus it won't be long until he's gotten himself on his knees and trying to crawl. I hate this stuff I'm going to miss - and I just think about the fact that I'll have 3 or 4 awake hours with him after I get home and he'll likely be fussy and I'll likely be busy. I might as well not have this last week, 'cause I doubt I'll enjoy it very much.

big enough to ride in the cart *sniff*

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