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This weekend Liam had the privilege of meeting the Knight side of the family - G.G. (great granny) and Great Aunt Tessa - from Memphis. As usual he charmed their pants off (figuratively, please) and made many more great memories. We played lots of video games, as strange as that may seem, Liam is getting read and sang to a lot - which he loves, and he has been "talking" and "singing" up a storm too! He says all the baba, mama, dada, deedee, beebee sounds and more - he said "aboutcha" the other day. It's hysterical - we all just stop what we are doing and listen to him talk. One extra fun thing we did was go to Ono's Hawaiian Cafe in Boise - they have a variety of delicious, islandy foods - including luau pig! I highly recommend it - I can't wait till I can go back.

[POOL UPDATE + pics under the pool post or click here]
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