Letting go...

This weekend I managed to clean, relax, and get a few extra things done - shopping for teaching shoes, finally updating pictures (photo albums, family picture collage, Liam's picture wall), and working Liam out of the swaddle!!
(sorry Lonnie and Jeran, we'll get one in October)

Swaddles - can't sleep with 'em, can't sleep without 'em... It started with a really bad night on Friday - I swaddled him and put him to bed as usual but he would roll himself onto his stomach and be really mad until you roll him back over - which I did at least ten times before he got fed up with it and had to be rocked to sleep. He likes to sleep on his side, and when his arms are pinned there's nothing to stop him from just flopping all the way over. So I was determined to do away with the thing, and on Saturday I put him down for a nap without it - which he hated and worked himself into another hissy until 45 minutes later I just swaddled him and let him sleep. Thankfully I kept at it, because that night I didn't swaddle him, I fed him and laid him down asleep and didn't hear a peep out of him until 8:30am!! I checked on him lots and he was always in a crazy position - bent in half, legs hanging through the slats, etc... I couldn't believe he stayed asleep! (P.S. - he is rolling and scooting like crazy, can even get up on his knees for a second!) When I laid him down unswaddle and awake last night I expected a battle but he went right to sleep on his own - however, he thrashed quite a bit and woke up a lot, including at 6:30. Wish I knew why two consecutive, similar nights could end so differently. But he's taken two more naps unswaddled, it takes longer to fall asleep, but still - hooray for us, this is a big accomplishment!

I'm finding that these last three days before work I don't want to let go of Liam - not even so I can take a shower, not even so he can take a nap - I know that would be counter-productive, but I would really just like to hold him until they make me let go. I wish...
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