7 Months...

Liam is seven months old today - he's getting precariously close to leaving his babyhood behind and I'm trying not to notice; but there's no denying that he's big - 27 inches and 20 lbs.!
Liam went to daycare twice this week - the first day they said he was pretty grouchy and clingy most of the day and he barely napped. The second day he was really grouchy and slept a ton (also, he apparently had a fever at 10am, which we were told about -rather grumpily- when we picked him up - probably from his immunization... I would've liked to know!). That's all I'm gonna say about that.
The good news today, well really yesterday, is that the pool is DONE! Boy, that was fast - don't you think? We had a family pool party in it - even though it was icy (no heater until Monday). It is a gorgeous pool, in a gorgeous yard, and it will be well enjoyed. We are headed back over there today as soon as everybody is up and running (it's 8:45 and Liam is still asleep, as is Todd).
The laptop has a virus (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!), therefore no awesome pool pictures... we're taking it in to be diagnosed today - cross your fingers!

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