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Thankfully the edge has been taken off the heat here.. just 7 or 8 degrees, but it's enough to feel like we can venture outside again! And out we have gone - to several places... we went swimming twice, shopping, and a big Boise trip where we drove out to the Kodiak Grill (past Lucky Peak), featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives... I have to say that honestly the portions appeared to be smaller than what they showed on TV, but it was yummy - particularly the sweet potato fries! Then we found the Powells Sweet Shoppe and got some fun "remember these" candies and the best gelato on earth! Last night Jen rented "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" for us since Todd was out, and here's my review (so if you want to be surprised about everything, like Todd does, then stop reading) ... the bad news first: absoLUTely no comedy, bad southern accents, fairly predictable, in my opinion a poor-man's "Forrest Gump" (well maybe a middle class man's), and if I hadn't had the ability to use subtitles I wouldn't have understood a word; OK, so the good - the cinematography was beautiful, and the music charming, it was interesting, there were touching moments, and in general I liked it... in a "well I'm glad I watched it, but don't think I need to again" kind of way.
In Liam news... he continues to sit by himself longer everyday; stays up longer in between naps; his hair is really coming in now - it's really cute, and almost makes me not want it to turn dark and curly; he does have a yelling problem - if his siren goes off at just the right time your ear could be ringing for hours, so for the first time I'm having to tell him "no"; I made his first appointment for professional portraits to be taken this week; and lastly I have 2 full weeks left of summer and I'm starting to feel the panic of leaving my baby rise up in me, I try not to think about it, but I confess it has already kept me up at night a little. We are taking Liam to a daycare that's pretty close to home which I have visited and heard good things about - but it just IS CRAPPY that I have to leave him everyday, at an unknown place, with strangers (not to mention the $600 a month it will cost - yeh). If you know of any individuals who give good child-care, feel free to drop me a comment - really!
And now for some pictures :)
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