Pictures + a Plea...

First the pictures...
whoa - hold on to me tight!

with Grandma McConnel

with Poppa M

with Mom (love that you can see Todd's reflection in the sunglasses)

Auntie Jen & Liam

ye've been warned - part 2
(in case you aren't aware - you can click on a picture to make it bigger)

Now the plea...
So far when I've asked a question of my friends out in BlogLand I've gotten some really good advice, suggestions, support... so here goes again: most nights Liam sleeps like a log, but last night we had a repeat performance of the sleepless nights we got in Bend. He is so restless... he scoots around, spits out his paci a hundred times, and just does not want to sleep. We tried everything it seems- fed him, held him, rocked him, swaddled, un-swaddled... I thought about Tylenol, but he didn't seem in pain and plus with all the news about acetaminophen I'm nervous to give it to him now. Any ideas about why he's doing this? What else should I try? We eventually had to just let him cry himself to sleep, which probably took about an hour - is it OK to let him cry for that long (although nothing we were doing was helping him stop)? He eventually fell asleep around 7:30 or so, and I woke him up at 9 - since I don't want to perpetuate this cycle if I can help it. Thanks for reading - and helping!


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