We have pictures!

Here is our 20 week old Liam... all that tan skin and black hair from his birth has abandoned him in favor light brown hair and fair skin, with a hint of rosiness in his cheeks - it's precious. His big dark eyes haven't changed yet though, I hope they don't because they are beautiful, he's lots of comments on them. I have no idea how big he is (since his good-for-nothing Dr. didn't schedule him a 4-month check-up), but he is comfortably wearing 6 month things. Thankfully he sleeps through the night, usually about 11 hours, and doesn't get up super early.
Yesterday I about lost my mind trying to get him to take his morning nap - which he never did, but then slept for nearly 2 hours in the afternoon. Today went similarly, so maybe this is our new routine? He is SO much happier when he takes a long nap.
We are looking forward to Todd's first Father's Day tomorrow!

I found a few pictures (from the day the camera broke) when I put the memory card into the new camera:
in line for Liam's first ride, Pirates of the Caribbean...
with Aunti Jen at Big Thunder Mtn. RR.

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