Today was not a great day... first of all it was overcast and a little chilly, which immediately makes me feel blah, and secondly it was our first day back in the real world. We were singing the post-vacation blues. I got very little done today: I managed to unpack Liam's suitcase and visit the camera store (only to find that it costs slightly less to repair the camera than buy a new one) before Todd came home. This evening we went grocery shopping (when did I come to abhor Walmart so much?), and for a walk (always a bright spot). Liam was very restless today - literally, he took like 4, 30-40 min. naps (should be sleeping 5 hrs. not 2!) and was mostly fussy the rest of the day. He clearly has some adjusting to do - he is not going to be quite as entertained for the next 2 months as he has been for the last couple of weeks. At least tonight he has gone to bed just fine... hope it is like last night. Tomorrow we are hanging with the Spragues, Friday with the Michaelsons, and Sunday (hopefully) with the Curtis' - that should pep us up a bit!

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