More vacation please...

What a whirlwind - I hardly know where to begin... actually I know I can start by saying I wish it wasn't over. Our vacation was awesome, just as awesome as all our others have been, but for some reason I am really wishing it wasn't over yet. I was so ready to ditch the Southwest counter and catch a SuperShuttle back to Disneyland, until Todd had to go and mention that he would probably lose his job if we did that... what a party pooper.
So since I last wrote we went to SanDiego and did the parks there... the Wild Animal Park was not quite like I remembered it, and as for walking - it gave Disneyland a run for it's money, if you can believe that. I would say it was fun, but I don't need to do it anytime in the near - or somewhat distant - future. SeaWorld was great - Liam (and mom and dad) loved the sea animals and shows and rides; it was definitely repeat-worthy! The only thing was we had more crappy weather predictions - on a day that was supposed to be overcast and 65, it was bright, sunny, and 85! I was pretty grouchy, as well as h-o-t, in my long jeans. One thing was noticed that we thought was pretty funny, was that Disneyland was the cheapest in regards to park food, especially snack food - ie. churros, cotton candy, etc. Who would've thunk it?
Then Sunday, after we dropped Jen at LAX my parents drove us up to Bakersfield and Todd's brothers family's place on their way back to Washington. We only stayed until this morning (just less than 2 days), but it was a really fun visit. Denali and Dylan are so sweet with their cousin, and Liam loves being entertained by them. It was a nice relaxing end to our journey.
After a long day of traveling today we are rather tired and glad to be back in our own bed and have Liam back in his - and in his own room (ohh, what a luxury)! It will be interesting to see how it goes tonight though since he had trouble last night, but slept a lot during the day.

I am dying not being able to take pictures of my growing baby - he's changing all the time. He scrunches up his nose now and makes funny faces, also he makes more "talking" sounds. I overheard Denali and Dylan having an argument over Liam, saying "He's trying to talk." "No, he IS talking." "No, he's trying to talk." "NO, he IS talking!" It was funny. Anyways - I plan to take the camera in tomorrow and get a diagnosis. If it cannot be revived, then I'm off to Best Buy - because I cannot NOT have a camera!
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