Lovely Days...

The last few days have been so awesome, especially Father's Day - which was (in my opinion, and I think Todd's too) a perfect day. We are getting into a good rhythm with Liam, I am understanding more what his noises mean, when and how he needs to nap, even how to play with him better.
It seems he's changed sooo much lately - his hair is growing longer and it's a little fluffy, he's getting really ticklish - especially his back, he grabs things more (hair, cell phones, sunglasses), he scoots himself around on his back (which is bad at night), he arches his back (he's still trying to roll over), he's eating his rice cereal really well, and he notices when you are eating food too and watches very intently. I love watching his little hands reach for things and explore them, and then put them in his mouth :)
It's a good life.
not too bad, without a bib even!

that's not where the spoon goes

now you're getting it

just a happy guy

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